December Happenings

Here we are 14 days away from Christmas and this year we get to be together with my parents! For Thanksgiving my sister, Gwen, was actually not too far away in her travels so she came to join us for the holiday as well. It has totally been a blessing to have my parents out here for their first year of BSSM. We got to go together to Lassen Volcanic National Park to cut down our wild Christmas trees. They are very busy in first year as their revival group pastor has added some extra things above what Ben did back with Abi, so even though they live down the road we only see them a few times a week. Often for babysitting help. My dad’s birthday is coming up so we will party with them tomorrow night.


This year so far has been a bit of a different flavor than the past two. Things are more settled, we feel taken care of and life can get too busy as with any family.066

Of course it’s only going to increase as our family increases. If you hadn’t heard yet we are expecting our third little miracle. To be arriving in June around the 16th. It’s a whole new ball game. My days seem to be cut in half with productivity goals with being tired and getting my rest. I hit my second trimester on Tuesday so I’m looking forward to having my energy levels a bit back to normal. (Whenever they choose to reappear.)

My doctor now offers a DNA test, that used to just be for high risk pregnancies, to anyone. It has been available for less than a year. It tests the babies genetics just through a vial of my blood and with it they also can see the babies DNA. So either it has the chromosome for male or it doesn’t, meaning female. This test is done at 10 weeks gestation so we did it to see what this little bundle is. On top of all the genetic tests being great, we can now say we are adding the first male Overly grandson to the lineage!

it's a boy.JPG

The girls are very excited to have a little brother and Ruby often will walk up to me, lift my shirt off my tummy and say “Hi little baby!”. It just melts my heart. He is so loved. No names just yet, I’m kind of giving Ben a lot of the leading with this one.

Winter vacation is almost upon us! Ben will be getting a break from school but seems like he still has work to do out on “the Farm” as we call it. He’s been working for a particular “farmer” for the past few months doing all sorts of things on their ranch and learning how to build things. I think he will be able to build us a house by the time he is done out there. 😉

Trinity is doing great at school. She has received the Citizenship Award in October and recently hit the “highest level” on the behavior chart in her class. Which is a big deal, her teacher doesn’t give out purple’s very often.

Ruby is growing, learning and talking a lot. She is all her own. She is doing better on the growth charts as we’ve stayed with gluten free diet for her even though her celiac testing came back clear. (THANK GOD!)

And Ben has a missions trip coming up in April, to join with all the years of BSSM to go to LA Azusa Now. Ben actually chose to do his historic revival paper on the Azusa Street Revival so he is very excited to be a part of this next piece of our nations history as well as heavens. If you want to check out a video for it you can do that here and if you want to join with us in supporting him to be a part of this event I will also leave the link at the bottom. His first deadline for deposit is Monday December 14th. It is going to be an AMAZING opportunity and I can share more details in the future.


3rd Year Here We Come

For those who are on Facebook, you’ve probably seen people share some of their old posts that come up in their “memories”. I can’t tell you how many I have had recently that have been some landmarks from our time since saying YES to the invitation God gave us two years ago. Looking back I see why He was so gentle and gave such a soft constant invitation. It was never a must, or a force pushing us; it was a gentle leading which I am so thankful for now. Because it has been HARD and if we had felt like we were pushed in to this by God, I would probably be bitter. We haven’t tried to hide that it’s been hard, but yet haven’t shared all of it. It is something intimate and real; something I wouldn’t wish upon someone but also looking back I know it was the refiners fire. I know we’ve grown in amazing ways but I am so happy that this is the last year with Ben in school. Having the head of the household in school full time has for sure been a stretch and then with worship teams every year on top of it, all the more time consuming.

This year is an amazing culmination of it all though. As you probably know, Ben is interning with Kristene DiMarco. What you may not know is she has been someone who has been changing our lives for years before we came out here through her debut album under her maiden name, Kristene Mueller. Then as we were walking out saying our yes, she was on Sean Feucht’s album and I even did a dance to the song There’s A Rest for our evening of worship in 2013.  The relationship that Kristene has with the Lord is one that many people have gained strength from through the ministry of her music going around the world. If you haven’t checked out her newest album, Mighty, do so now! It is meant for those who need strength and is so amazing. It is an incredible opportunity to have her be Ben’s mentor. It is one of the most applied for internships.

Ben grew a lot through the theological aspect of BSSM, He is super solid in that area. The teachings and speakers were always full of revelation as well and being in a revival atmosphere continually will change you no matter what. But the biggest places he grew in whole as a person came from his involvement in the worship teams. It has forced him to make hard choices, deal with real life people dynamics, learned how to be aware of 5+ things going on while leading a worship set (instead of zoning out with Jesus and hoping people follow along) and grown technically, and then more! We believe that the future for us as a family will always be around worship, and really there is no greater privilege than spending your life on Him. To be able to spread the gospel in a way that can cut through so much more than just words, that can strengthen hearts and souls with encouragement. To reveal new aspects of what He is like to the world! So being that Ben gets to be right there in second year, helping the students go through amazing growth as well is really an honor. It’s also an honor to have Kristene trust him and his heart so fully to put him in charge of pastoring the second year worship community.

This year is a big deal for our family. So much is going on with everyone in school, I got a job at a salon again since my folks are out here for school; they are helping with the girls and being an extra taxi cab for us. 😉

But once again we need help. Ben has been working his butt off this summer trying to gain some ground but we still need financial help to finish what we came out here to do and that was to do all 3 years of BSSM. We are at a point lately where we have given everything back to God, any plans we have come up with, any dreams we had, we gave them back to Him because we can not do this ourselves. We have come to a place that if God really has something else in store for us this year that He would reveal it or bring in the finances to finish what He started. We now have 10 days to get the remaining $648 in for the first day of school otherwise Ben won’t be doing third year. We know each of you by name that have helped us along the way already (unless it was anonymously) and we are SOOOOOO thankful. This is one of the parts we still are growing in, staying humble enough to invite others in on the journey and not be prideful thinking we only can do this; Only we can take care of ourselves. It’s a lie that is breaking as we are constantly embraced by our family in Christ. 10 days to make this realty. Will you join with us yet again in giving and encouraging us? It has been a long 2 years and I daily still fight for my joy and to focus on God, not letting hope deferred set in. Seriously, even if you just wrote a note letting us now who is still behind us would mean the world to us. This has been a marathon and we will continue on. Thank you thank you for sticking with us and we would love to finish strong.

You can give at the link below and thank you for helping us! Because when your called to something bigger than yourself, you often need others help to make it a reality. ❤️

Walking with Giants

I shared about our “spontaneous” trip out to the coast over on my lifestyle blog

but wanted to put in to words a bit more of what it did for my spirit.

(If you follow the link to my other site, there is a video from our trip as well.)

When you’re a mom work never stops. I’ve worked full time, part time and been a stay at home mom in the 5  years that I’ve been a mom. No matter what “degree of mom” you are, there isn’t an easier option. It is only with God, a good meal plan and well thought through schedule that I can function 😉 So to be able to leave my job site aka our home, was awesome. Yes, I did spend ALL DAY Friday getting everything prepared for the trip but once we were out on the road, disconnecting from our regular daily lives, it became calm. I could feel the space and didn’t feel the pressure of keeping up with everything.

Then we visited the Redwoods, specifically the Avenue of Giants.

6 5 4

Standing in the forest, you could just feel the history. Some of those trees have been there longer than the USA has been a nation, and even some were just seedlings when Jesus was walking the earth a continent over. All of creation proclaims the glory of Christ. It is everywhere.


(click the picture to make it bigger)

Being amongst the trees just made my heart come alive, made me dream about things for the future. It also made me want to cut down three of the trees, use them build a house and live right in the clearing. Which kind of is part of my dream. 😉

The sun shining down through the branches just made the views more amazing.


At first the dreams were more of a wish, but then as God spoke in to my heart I was reminded about hope. That hope is the joyful anticipation of things to come. The dreams that God put in your heart, big or little, are there for a reason. They help guide us through this life if we let them. He placed them in us when He created us, it isn’t just our flesh crying out, it is Him speaking through us.

11 12

Today I’m tucking those dreams in to my heart but also wrapping them up in Him. Letting Him put the timing together as I continue to seek and watch for the when where and how of it all. I love writing them down and then looking back later and realizing He met some of the smallest and biggest dreams that I had dreamed of before.


If you watch the video on the other site, you’ll see pictures of us driving through a tree. They had a little gift shop at that pull off place and we actually bought a coastal redwood tree. This one is about two years old. Because they are so huge people assume that they grow fast but that’s not the case. They grow about a foot a year, and take centuries to reach the heights we saw. That right there could preach. 😉 Steady, deep and strong with deep roots is how they become giants.


This one had fallen over and it towered over us still.


This was a little cavern inside of that tree that the girls could have fit through if they had wanted to but it was kind of creepy. My mama’s heart is glad they didn’t but dad wishes he was smaller to be able to.

We had lots of fun exploring the forest and we will have to visit again.

End of School // Next Year

I’ve been meaning to write an update for awhile to give you a glimpse at my life right now and what is to come this next year! I just wanted to start out and say THANK YOU to any, and all who have supported Joanna and me so far through these last two years at school. This last year has been so incredible with so many amazing opportunities to lead worship for the school again, going to Ireland with Joanna, making deeper connections with the community out here. We are feeling less isolated and a part of a great tribe here. We are also expecting Joanna’s parents out here in the next month or so for them to start first year of BSSM in September!!

School has been out for four weeks already which is so hard to believe! I recently got back from a worship ministry trip to Alabama/Georgia. We got to encourage, strengthen, partner with, and meet some dear people for about five days. We were a group of seven all together, with Jenn Laufenberg being our leader. It was her heart to bring a team back to her home town and love on the people in her community and that have supported her. It was a BLAST! We stepped right into it the moment we got there and for five days we poured out and loved on people (and ate A LOT). We saw healings, people encounter the love of the Father, give their lives to Him, saw sons and daughters step out and take risk, went new places in worship, spoke truth and life over people, and saw what beautiful things God is doing in that region in the south! It’s really joyous to see the unity taking place across the body of Christ, and what God is doing in Alabama/Georgia!

Since school has been out, actually the week of grad, I’ve been busy busy with work! It’s been so great to be able to work again, and to have work. I have been wanting/trying to get my window cleaning thing going, thinking I wasn’t going to paint anymore. But God has been bringing in both, and so I’m just following the favor and am so thankful for it! If you’ve followed our life at all, you may have known of the prophetic word over our lives, “Welcome to a walk of faith that makes walking across the Niagara Falls on a tight rope look like a picnic in comparison.” That’s what these last two years have definitely felt like. It’s been HARD but we have been astounded by the support of those coming around us to lift us up and encourage us. Well, about two weeks before school got out, Joanna saw a picture of that tight rope being cut and we were on the other side and she felt the impression of the Father speaking to her and saying that that season is now over. That’s when ‘BAM!’ work started coming in and things have been happening with the essential oils business that Joanna has been a part of. I’m not sure how much work I have into the foreseeable future, but the connections that God is making is fun and crazy!

And in case you don’t know, or haven’t heard yet, I AM doing THIRD Year this next year as well!!! I’m really excited to have been given the opportunity to sit under Kristene DiMarco for another year. She oversees Second Year Worship and is one of the most incredible and anointed worship leaders I’ve ever had the privilege of being under and learn from. We really sought the Lord about this because there were multiple opportunities and decisions of where we could go and what we could do, but we felt like this is where God was continuing to call us. It is an honor to be able to serve Kristene this next year. I’m not totally sure on what it looks like, but I know I’m going to be a part of seeing people step into their identities and destinies. I will be a part of helping them grow in leadership and continue on in their journey with God as a son or daughter. I will be helping to pastor and run the BSSM worship homegroup and doing it with an incredible team of people whom I love already!

We are continuing to walk in faith and say YES to the Father. We don’t know what the future has yet, but we know Who has our future. We feel like we will have a better glimpse as to where He wants us after this year but for now we are invested and running after all we can here. Whatever it is, we are open to it.

So for now, we are working and stewarding for this next year. We are enjoying being out of school for the summer and being able to focus more on family, but we are also planning for next year.

We love you all and are so thankful you are in our lives!! Keep checking back for more updates as the summer goes one and our vision broadens!

Ireland Take Two

In my last post I mentioned that we made our way up to Northern Ireland and had done some street ministry.

But we also spent a morning seeing as many sights as we possibly could because we didn’t have a full free day in NI. We call this tour the famous John Ashe tour. Now John and Paul were some of THE BEST gifts to us while we were there. John is the pastor of Journey Church in Antrim and Paul is also one of the leaders that took the time to be our guides, bus drivers, fellow Evangelist and friends. They treated us so well and kept us on schedule as well as we would allow them. 😉  The tour was for sure one of the highlights of the trip and I will share some photos here. This is way better than a slide show right?

The tour started off with a trip to the Guinness Waterfall.

Jo's Ireland 2015 311 Ireland 2015 205 Ireland 2015 210

Then a long, curvy journey that got me to the verge of motion sickness but it was beautiful!

Ireland 2015 239

Jo's Ireland 2015 342

Ireland 2015 264

We had to stop for some sheep to cross. The shepherds use the colors to mark their herds.

Ireland 2015 281

Jo's Ireland 2015 360

And here is a rope bridge that was about 2 knots worth of wind speed from being closed for the day. It got my heart beating a bit but we survived and crossed back over safely.

Jo's Ireland 2015 368

For this view, it was worth it.

Jo's Ireland 2015 372

Next stop was to see the Giants Causeway. A natural phenomenon only found in three places in the world. It is formed by thousands and thousands of stones jutting up from the ground and some of them go many stories high. They aren’t really sure what causes it to happen but they believe it has to do with the temperature of the air, temperature of the water and volcanic activity.

Ireland 2015 329

Jo's Ireland 2015 391 Jo's Ireland 2015 402

Final stop after a great lunch was this castle and off in the distance (not pictured) was a church falling in to the sea slowly.

Ireland 2015 403

Jo's Ireland 2015 413

It was a fast flying day and we actually ended up running at some points to fit it all in. Northern Ireland is BEAUTIFUL!

Another highlight was ministering in Drumcree.

Jo's Ireland 2015 522

Drumcree is another hot spot for the troubles and strife that has plagued this land for years. To be there worshiping Jesus, declaring that He is a good God and not one of hate or judgment was monumental to the atmosphere. The pastor there has such a wonderful heart and that night so many lives were touched.

Jo's Ireland 2015 529

Actually this was the service that we had loaded in gear and the sound guys had set up for hours, the worship team did sound check and people filed in, only to have the power blow. Everyone stayed seated, waiting about an hour for the power to get turned back on. They were so hungry to see what God had in store! Because not only did we start over an hour late, but at 10 pm we did a gentle dismiss and said if anyone needs to go, feel free, we’ll keep ministering a bit longer. 2 people got up and left, so we continued. People were physically healed, emotionally healed, specific words of knowledge were spoken and depression lifted. Praise God!

I can’t believe the places our team got in to this year! We held a service at New Life Church in Shankill. This is a community that is so divided between Catholic and Protestant that they have walls that dived the different communities. They close the gates every night around 8pm to try to keep violence at bay. 2000 people have been killed in the past 20 years because of the hatred. It is so hard to understand that the very thing that the groups identify with are rooted in Christ, and so much killing has taken place. As your walking down the street and someone of the opposite affiliation sees you, they may kill you for it. So much poverty and despair. We met at the church New Life which sits in between the gates, called “no man’s land”. The church had gone through the process of asking for the gates to remain open so people could come and leave freely for the night and before we started we weren’t sure if that request was going to be allowed because of other people’s wishes and power. I posted a photo of our team doing a prayer walk at the gates asking for you to join with us to keep the doors open, and they were! Thank you everyone who prayed.

Jo's Ireland 2015 553 Jo's Ireland 2015 556Ireland 2015 467

Jo's Ireland 2015 557

The service was one of the biggest ones we held and we were so thankful that people came from so far, to such a place to lift up the name of Jesus with no other motivations. Once again the atmosphere shifted because the name of Christ was glorified over all and the darkness could not stand.

Jo's Ireland 2015 559

Jo's Ireland 2015 562

This was the service that the Bethel Media team came with the big cameras for the documentary to capture worship. So many, I mean so many people were healed that night! Even my own lump in my throat that I’ve had for over a year from the infection disappeared that night I realized at the end of it all! Joelle shared her powerful testimony for the first time about her battle with depression which is something that so many deal with in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Towards the end of our trip we had a few services at Journey Church in Antrim which is where so many of our dear friends are from that helped us on this trip. It was such a privilege to lead worship with Ben at their youth evening, have our team minister at their first ever back to back services and then also at their cafe church. (Where they rent out a coffee shop for the evening and hold a service there)

Jo's Ireland 2015 612

There is John with his arms up high.

Jo's Ireland 2015 598

Joelle with the camera and Josiah getting audio for the documentary while still engaging in worship. Love their hearts!

Jo's Ireland 2015 594

We were packed a bit…

Jo's Ireland 2015 590

We let loose and went around praying for everyone. Words of knowledge were released and people were healed on the spot. So many hungry people from around the area came together with like minded Jesus lovers to get a touch of heaven. There are more and more little spots of the Holy Spirit moving across Ireland and Northern Ireland but it is so encouraging to find a large gathering like this, especially in hard seasons. I prayed for a lot of those people, to refresh their souls, bodies and spirits to continue the work that the Lord is doing.

I feel like I could have cut this in half and turned it in to two more posts because there was so much that happened. I hope you enjoyed some of the highlights. It was such a privilege to serve with this team and to have the opportunity to go serve Ireland/ Northern Ireland. I pray that the testimonies keep coming in, continue going forth touching new hearts and that as much as possible would continue because of your support and prayers. May Christ receive the full reward for His suffering, that all would know Him truly and not a God of war and separation. That people would be set free and transformed. Shalom

The Emerald Isle (Part 1)

Looking back and trying to recall everything that happened, even with the help of some journaling, is overwhelming. It feels something like a dream the way Ireland and Northern Ireland swept us up and greeted us.

Jo's Ireland 2015 017

Jo's Ireland 2015 048

(This photo was from the Solar eclipse that took place on our first full day in Greystones. I kept watching then prayed for a part in the clouds so I could see it. Just before it opened up to this view the clouds parted in a heart shape. I felt so loved that morning!)

 We started in the Republic of Ireland in Greystones/ Dublin area where we got settled and had a free day to explore the city as well as have an evening service. We did a lot of walking to get our bearings in Dublin and ate lots of good food, of course.  Ben and I only were there for about two days before the break away team set out for the small town of Athenry; The 7 of us traveled by train for about three and a half hours west to get to the other side of the country. I was very happy to be part of this team to get out of the big city of Dublin. The countryside is more of what speaks to my soul and the train ride gave lots of opportunity to drink in what I had imagined Ireland to be


Ireland 2015 161

(Out the window of the train)

Upon our arrival we met the pastors (although they don’t like titles and insist you don’t call them pastor) Sean and Julia of Athenry Gospel Center. They are some of the world’s sweetest people! They took such good care of us as Ben and I stayed in their home for the two days and others were spread out in other host homes. We held two services at that church and they were one of my main highlights. The two services I got to do background vocals for the worship team which is always fun. I haven’t lead worship with Ben since last summer so of course that is a highlight! The congregation is a beautiful mixture of Irish people as well as Brazilians and Africans that are hungry for God to move in their area. Ben preached during the Saturday night service and I preached (as did Garret) Sunday morning. I spoke on hope which I will probably turn in to blog form because it is something so important in everyone’s lives, no matter what chapter they are in. It fit perfectly with where they were at and even back in the states while I prepared it God told me some things that would happen during it and they did, which confirmed that it was the right place to release it.

Ireland 2015 111

(Enter a random photo of me preaching)

We prayed for everyone that wanted pray each service (which was mostly everyone) and testimonies are still coming in, but Ben saw some physical healings instantly which is something he has wanted to see. After the Sunday morning service they held a potluck lunch and we had a great time of fellowship with these beautiful hearts. I don’t believe I have any pictures of the services because I was so involved in most aspects and wasn’t left sitting for much. But I have memories tucked away. God is moving and doing amazing things in Athenry and it is an important location. We are believing that the testimony of Jesus would continue to go forth over and over again to break off depression, restore broken relationships, heal bodies and heal souls. He is a good good Father!

Ireland 2015 096Ireland 2015 138

(Medieval castle and Abbey in the middle of town)

Ireland 2015 117

 (A bit of the castle walls that still remains)

The following Monday night we traveled from Dublin up to Northern Ireland (which is still part of the UK if you find yourself being confused as to why I keep being specific with the fact that we went to two different unions.) In Northern Ireland (NI) there seemed to be a lot more resistance happening with the churches as they spread word about the coming meetings and locations. There were “heretic hunters” and parishioners outraged that a team from Bethel would be allowed to come in to their churches.

Jo's Ireland 2015 058

(Ben and I at the Dublin Spire)

Jo's Ireland 2015 085

Ireland 2015 179

(The same architect that designed the Redding Sundial bridge designed this one as well, right in Dublin! This one in the form of the nations symbol of the harp.)

Our first meeting took place in a quaint old church that was probably older than the USA, as most places were that we went. God moved really gently but powerfully in that place. Words of knowledge and prophecy flowed forth encouraging the people and strengthening. It was a sweet time of worship as the pews were filled and our team led worship from underneath the pipes of the organ, a mixture of hungry hearts, skeptics and those who are cautious. There were no outbursts publicly but I know that the pastor, Alan, has been attacked a lot for his beliefs of who God is and is the church is still transitioning with him taking the church on over a year ago. I continue to stand with him and his family; the breakthrough will soon flow forth as bits of the rock crumble away.

 Jo's Ireland 2015 431

(Preparing for service)

For the following 4 days we did street outreach in 4 different locations partnering up with different churches/ ministries. Each day was so different due to the different atmospheres but they were all so good. Some days we had a lot of “no’s” but we still call that winning because we took risk and a see still got planted in their hearts at the very idea of someone wanting to stop them to tell them God loves them. Actually a lot of people are fine with you saying things about God but when you tell them about Jesus and that He has something wonderful to say about them, they are shocked. Between the people Ben and I paired up with we encountered at least 30 people, and then just think about the fact that we were on a team of 25 of us! So many people were encountered on the streets, their day interrupted by God and people received prayer, were healed on the spot and received Christ in to their hearts. The locals were all very much surprised that people would be so accepting and it just makes me think about how the Holy Spirit goes before us preparing hearts, and He is the one who does everything. That takes the pressure off us of trying to push an agenda. Sometimes we just sow a seed, or water it or harvest it. And don’t worry, each person that received Jesus as their savoir was matched up with a local church to continue the walk of discipleship with them.

 Jo's Ireland 2015 227

(Canal Park in Dublin)

One of my own favorite encounters was when me and our local friends were waiting for Ben as he checked in to a store for something and the locals mentioned that we were standing outside of a crystal, pentagram type store in the mall. So I just started praying and releasing heaven and I told them this is what we call sneaky Jesus. We laughed a bit but I was drawn to look closer at some of the photos he had on display, mostly of animals. Some were pretty obvious what kind of spirit they were carrying but there was one of a family of snow owls that I looked at through the glass. He motioned that I could come in although he was in the middle of trying to put some new shelving up and the security door was about ¾ the way up. We got to talking and he had a lot to share, he talked about his granddaughters and showed me his favorite pictures, there were a few times that he would wipe his eyes just as he shared about his life. Ben joined me after about 15 minutes and I asked if I could release the energy that I carry on him which he was very willing to allow and offered me his shoulder. So I quietly released the love of Jesus on him, then we talked for a bit longer and said good bye. Now you may wonder why I would say energy but to him it makes sense, we don’t go in to places and demand that they understand our language. We go in low and humble and serve in whatever way God tells us to for each person. Jesus loves that man so much and the devil was ticked off at the fact that he was touched by God in that moment but Jesus is going to finish the work and receive the full reward!

Jo's Ireland 2015 503

(A church we passed while doing street outreach in Portadown. Lots of “troubles” have been fueled just on the other side of this Church of Ireland.)

I’m going to stop here for now although there is of course so much more, but I’ll spread it out a bit with another blog later. It was such a great trip in every aspect, the team was great, the nation was ready and we felt very covered in prayer and grace to do it. Thank you to everyone who was packed in our suitcases and that continued to pray for us. We love you and the testimony of Jesus continues to roll over those green Irish hills.

Make Disiples of All Nations

Here we are on the eve of Saint Patrick’s day as Ben and I pack up to leave for Ireland in one more day. I can hardly believe it. My parents got in yesterday and the girls are soaking it all in as are the grandparents. As all our preparations come together both individually, within our family and then with the team I am excited/nervous/ mama heart sickened/ thrilled. I had a long talk tonight while tucking Trinity in to bed. She is afraid that we will just all the sudden be gone, she just keeps saying she’s scared. No amount of words will make it ok for a four year old little girl who is going to miss her parents so we cuddled and prayed. I am so thankful to have my parents here to take care of her and Ruby. It won’t be easy but is healthy for all of us.

One day last week I was asked so why Ireland, aren’t there more countries that are less Christianized that need to hear the gospel message? This surprised me as most of what we hear is people fully supporting us and excited with us but I was thankful because it made me dig a bit deeper in to my heart to put the reason in to words. So I want to share that here. A friend that is also going to Ireland in Mid April that is BSSM alumni put a lot of great things in to words with some of my exact thoughts so if you want to read more about great reasons to pour in to nations read her blog here

For us Ireland is the destination, a nation full of religious heritage that has now let religion be more of a political stance and a source of troubles. There are still plenty of hungry hearts and people working in their own nation to repair what has broken and to see God be glorified (And He is!). We are going to support those hard working souls. To encourage them, strengthen and bring discipleship. When Jesus said to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19) He wasn’t just referring to getting them saved and never see them again expecting them to figure everything out on their own. Christ came to earth so that we may have life and have life abundantly! (John 10:10) Now! Not just later. When Jesus ascended to heaven His apostle’s continued visiting the places and people that they had first taught salvation to.There is so much more to Christ than just getting a ticket to heaven.

So yes we are going to a beautiful nation where we will have internet, good food and are able to drink the tap water, but the need is still very real to share the truth of who Abba Father is. Religious mindsets are hard to break out of, especially when everyone around you has the same ones. It sometimes takes an outsider to show you (in a complete loving way) an area you never realized was an issue. It is going to be a stretching, fear crushing trip for those of us on the team as we do things we never have done before. I am so so thankful for all the people in our lives supporting us and praying in to this with us. May the lamb receive the reward for His suffering!

Here are some prayer points. Dates of the trip are March 18th-30th

Team Unity and open honest communication.

Safety while traveling and while being in country.

Lots and lots of prayers for Trinity and Ruby to not be scared but have the chance to know amazing grace and peace.

That God would move sovereignly in all nooks and crannies of this trip. I don’t even want to put any other words around this because I feel like even if they are big words, it is to limiting for what is going to take place.

Smooth travel and favor with customs/ airports. (We have one tight connection flight from Washington DC to Dublin) No issues with luggage!

Health for all of us on the trip as well as our family staying in California.

That we would connect at a heart level with the Irish people.

Grace for our trip leader and interns as well as for the documentary crew. They have a lot of moving parts to that aspect of the trip.

Provision of every need to be met for our team beyond just finances.

Thank you all so much and we really do covet your prayers to join with ours. Ok now everyone get in my bag and let’s do this!