December Happenings

Here we are 14 days away from Christmas and this year we get to be together with my parents! For Thanksgiving my sister, Gwen, was actually not too far away in her travels so she came to join us for the holiday as well. It has totally been a blessing to have my parents out here for their first year of BSSM. We got to go together to Lassen Volcanic National Park to cut down our wild Christmas trees. They are very busy in first year as their revival group pastor has added some extra things above what Ben did back with Abi, so even though they live down the road we only see them a few times a week. Often for babysitting help. My dad’s birthday is coming up so we will party with them tomorrow night.


This year so far has been a bit of a different flavor than the past two. Things are more settled, we feel taken care of and life can get too busy as with any family.066

Of course it’s only going to increase as our family increases. If you hadn’t heard yet we are expecting our third little miracle. To be arriving in June around the 16th. It’s a whole new ball game. My days seem to be cut in half with productivity goals with being tired and getting my rest. I hit my second trimester on Tuesday so I’m looking forward to having my energy levels a bit back to normal. (Whenever they choose to reappear.)

My doctor now offers a DNA test, that used to just be for high risk pregnancies, to anyone. It has been available for less than a year. It tests the babies genetics just through a vial of my blood and with it they also can see the babies DNA. So either it has the chromosome for male or it doesn’t, meaning female. This test is done at 10 weeks gestation so we did it to see what this little bundle is. On top of all the genetic tests being great, we can now say we are adding the first male Overly grandson to the lineage!

it's a boy.JPG

The girls are very excited to have a little brother and Ruby often will walk up to me, lift my shirt off my tummy and say “Hi little baby!”. It just melts my heart. He is so loved. No names just yet, I’m kind of giving Ben a lot of the leading with this one.

Winter vacation is almost upon us! Ben will be getting a break from school but seems like he still has work to do out on “the Farm” as we call it. He’s been working for a particular “farmer” for the past few months doing all sorts of things on their ranch and learning how to build things. I think he will be able to build us a house by the time he is done out there. 😉

Trinity is doing great at school. She has received the Citizenship Award in October and recently hit the “highest level” on the behavior chart in her class. Which is a big deal, her teacher doesn’t give out purple’s very often.

Ruby is growing, learning and talking a lot. She is all her own. She is doing better on the growth charts as we’ve stayed with gluten free diet for her even though her celiac testing came back clear. (THANK GOD!)

And Ben has a missions trip coming up in April, to join with all the years of BSSM to go to LA Azusa Now. Ben actually chose to do his historic revival paper on the Azusa Street Revival so he is very excited to be a part of this next piece of our nations history as well as heavens. If you want to check out a video for it you can do that here and if you want to join with us in supporting him to be a part of this event I will also leave the link at the bottom. His first deadline for deposit is Monday December 14th. It is going to be an AMAZING opportunity and I can share more details in the future.


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