3rd Year Here We Come

For those who are on Facebook, you’ve probably seen people share some of their old posts that come up in their “memories”. I can’t tell you how many I have had recently that have been some landmarks from our time since saying YES to the invitation God gave us two years ago. Looking back I see why He was so gentle and gave such a soft constant invitation. It was never a must, or a force pushing us; it was a gentle leading which I am so thankful for now. Because it has been HARD and if we had felt like we were pushed in to this by God, I would probably be bitter. We haven’t tried to hide that it’s been hard, but yet haven’t shared all of it. It is something intimate and real; something I wouldn’t wish upon someone but also looking back I know it was the refiners fire. I know we’ve grown in amazing ways but I am so happy that this is the last year with Ben in school. Having the head of the household in school full time has for sure been a stretch and then with worship teams every year on top of it, all the more time consuming.

This year is an amazing culmination of it all though. As you probably know, Ben is interning with Kristene DiMarco. What you may not know is she has been someone who has been changing our lives for years before we came out here through her debut album under her maiden name, Kristene Mueller. Then as we were walking out saying our yes, she was on Sean Feucht’s album and I even did a dance to the song There’s A Rest for our evening of worship in 2013.  The relationship that Kristene has with the Lord is one that many people have gained strength from through the ministry of her music going around the world. If you haven’t checked out her newest album, Mighty, do so now! It is meant for those who need strength and is so amazing. It is an incredible opportunity to have her be Ben’s mentor. It is one of the most applied for internships.

Ben grew a lot through the theological aspect of BSSM, He is super solid in that area. The teachings and speakers were always full of revelation as well and being in a revival atmosphere continually will change you no matter what. But the biggest places he grew in whole as a person came from his involvement in the worship teams. It has forced him to make hard choices, deal with real life people dynamics, learned how to be aware of 5+ things going on while leading a worship set (instead of zoning out with Jesus and hoping people follow along) and grown technically, and then more! We believe that the future for us as a family will always be around worship, and really there is no greater privilege than spending your life on Him. To be able to spread the gospel in a way that can cut through so much more than just words, that can strengthen hearts and souls with encouragement. To reveal new aspects of what He is like to the world! So being that Ben gets to be right there in second year, helping the students go through amazing growth as well is really an honor. It’s also an honor to have Kristene trust him and his heart so fully to put him in charge of pastoring the second year worship community.

This year is a big deal for our family. So much is going on with everyone in school, I got a job at a salon again since my folks are out here for school; they are helping with the girls and being an extra taxi cab for us. 😉

But once again we need help. Ben has been working his butt off this summer trying to gain some ground but we still need financial help to finish what we came out here to do and that was to do all 3 years of BSSM. We are at a point lately where we have given everything back to God, any plans we have come up with, any dreams we had, we gave them back to Him because we can not do this ourselves. We have come to a place that if God really has something else in store for us this year that He would reveal it or bring in the finances to finish what He started. We now have 10 days to get the remaining $648 in for the first day of school otherwise Ben won’t be doing third year. We know each of you by name that have helped us along the way already (unless it was anonymously) and we are SOOOOOO thankful. This is one of the parts we still are growing in, staying humble enough to invite others in on the journey and not be prideful thinking we only can do this; Only we can take care of ourselves. It’s a lie that is breaking as we are constantly embraced by our family in Christ. 10 days to make this realty. Will you join with us yet again in giving and encouraging us? It has been a long 2 years and I daily still fight for my joy and to focus on God, not letting hope deferred set in. Seriously, even if you just wrote a note letting us now who is still behind us would mean the world to us. This has been a marathon and we will continue on. Thank you thank you for sticking with us and we would love to finish strong.

You can give at the link below and thank you for helping us! Because when your called to something bigger than yourself, you often need others help to make it a reality. ❤️



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