Walking with Giants

I shared about our “spontaneous” trip out to the coast over on my lifestyle blog


but wanted to put in to words a bit more of what it did for my spirit.

(If you follow the link to my other site, there is a video from our trip as well.)

When you’re a mom work never stops. I’ve worked full time, part time and been a stay at home mom in the 5Β  years that I’ve been a mom. No matter what “degree of mom” you are, there isn’t an easier option. It is only with God, a good meal plan and well thought through schedule that I can function πŸ˜‰ So to be able to leave my job site aka our home, was awesome. Yes, I did spend ALL DAY Friday getting everything prepared for the trip but once we were out on the road, disconnecting from our regular daily lives, it became calm. I could feel the space and didn’t feel the pressure of keeping up with everything.

Then we visited the Redwoods, specifically the Avenue of Giants.

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Standing in the forest, you could just feel the history. Some of those trees have been there longer than the USA has been a nation, and even some were just seedlings when Jesus was walking the earth a continent over. All of creation proclaims the glory of Christ. It is everywhere.


(click the picture to make it bigger)

Being amongst the trees just made my heart come alive, made me dream about things for the future. It also made me want to cut down three of the trees, use them build a house and live right in the clearing. Which kind of is part of my dream. πŸ˜‰

The sun shining down through the branches just made the views more amazing.


At first the dreams were more of a wish, but then as God spoke in to my heart I was reminded about hope. That hope is the joyful anticipation of things to come. The dreams that God put in your heart, big or little, are there for a reason. They help guide us through this life if we let them. He placed them in us when He created us, it isn’t just our flesh crying out, it is Him speaking through us.

11 12

Today I’m tucking those dreams in to my heart but also wrapping them up in Him. Letting Him put the timing together as I continue to seek and watch for the when where and how of it all. I love writing them down and then looking back later and realizing He met some of the smallest and biggest dreams that I had dreamed of before.


If you watch the video on the other site, you’ll see pictures of us driving through a tree. They had a little gift shop at that pull off place and we actually bought a coastal redwood tree. This one is about two years old. Because they are so huge people assume that they grow fast but that’s not the case. They grow about a foot a year, and take centuries to reach the heights we saw. That right there could preach. πŸ˜‰ Steady, deep and strong with deep roots is how they become giants.


This one had fallen over and it towered over us still.


This was a little cavern inside of that tree that the girls could have fit through if they had wanted to but it was kind of creepy. My mama’s heart is glad they didn’t but dad wishes he was smaller to be able to.

We had lots of fun exploring the forest and we will have to visit again.


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