Ireland Take Two

In my last post I mentioned that we made our way up to Northern Ireland and had done some street ministry.

But we also spent a morning seeing as many sights as we possibly could because we didn’t have a full free day in NI. We call this tour the famous John Ashe tour. Now John and Paul were some of THE BEST gifts to us while we were there. John is the pastor of Journey Church in Antrim and Paul is also one of the leaders that took the time to be our guides, bus drivers, fellow Evangelist and friends. They treated us so well and kept us on schedule as well as we would allow them. 😉  The tour was for sure one of the highlights of the trip and I will share some photos here. This is way better than a slide show right?

The tour started off with a trip to the Guinness Waterfall.

Jo's Ireland 2015 311 Ireland 2015 205 Ireland 2015 210

Then a long, curvy journey that got me to the verge of motion sickness but it was beautiful!

Ireland 2015 239

Jo's Ireland 2015 342

Ireland 2015 264

We had to stop for some sheep to cross. The shepherds use the colors to mark their herds.

Ireland 2015 281

Jo's Ireland 2015 360

And here is a rope bridge that was about 2 knots worth of wind speed from being closed for the day. It got my heart beating a bit but we survived and crossed back over safely.

Jo's Ireland 2015 368

For this view, it was worth it.

Jo's Ireland 2015 372

Next stop was to see the Giants Causeway. A natural phenomenon only found in three places in the world. It is formed by thousands and thousands of stones jutting up from the ground and some of them go many stories high. They aren’t really sure what causes it to happen but they believe it has to do with the temperature of the air, temperature of the water and volcanic activity.

Ireland 2015 329

Jo's Ireland 2015 391 Jo's Ireland 2015 402

Final stop after a great lunch was this castle and off in the distance (not pictured) was a church falling in to the sea slowly.

Ireland 2015 403

Jo's Ireland 2015 413

It was a fast flying day and we actually ended up running at some points to fit it all in. Northern Ireland is BEAUTIFUL!

Another highlight was ministering in Drumcree.

Jo's Ireland 2015 522

Drumcree is another hot spot for the troubles and strife that has plagued this land for years. To be there worshiping Jesus, declaring that He is a good God and not one of hate or judgment was monumental to the atmosphere. The pastor there has such a wonderful heart and that night so many lives were touched.

Jo's Ireland 2015 529

Actually this was the service that we had loaded in gear and the sound guys had set up for hours, the worship team did sound check and people filed in, only to have the power blow. Everyone stayed seated, waiting about an hour for the power to get turned back on. They were so hungry to see what God had in store! Because not only did we start over an hour late, but at 10 pm we did a gentle dismiss and said if anyone needs to go, feel free, we’ll keep ministering a bit longer. 2 people got up and left, so we continued. People were physically healed, emotionally healed, specific words of knowledge were spoken and depression lifted. Praise God!

I can’t believe the places our team got in to this year! We held a service at New Life Church in Shankill. This is a community that is so divided between Catholic and Protestant that they have walls that dived the different communities. They close the gates every night around 8pm to try to keep violence at bay. 2000 people have been killed in the past 20 years because of the hatred. It is so hard to understand that the very thing that the groups identify with are rooted in Christ, and so much killing has taken place. As your walking down the street and someone of the opposite affiliation sees you, they may kill you for it. So much poverty and despair. We met at the church New Life which sits in between the gates, called “no man’s land”. The church had gone through the process of asking for the gates to remain open so people could come and leave freely for the night and before we started we weren’t sure if that request was going to be allowed because of other people’s wishes and power. I posted a photo of our team doing a prayer walk at the gates asking for you to join with us to keep the doors open, and they were! Thank you everyone who prayed.

Jo's Ireland 2015 553 Jo's Ireland 2015 556Ireland 2015 467

Jo's Ireland 2015 557

The service was one of the biggest ones we held and we were so thankful that people came from so far, to such a place to lift up the name of Jesus with no other motivations. Once again the atmosphere shifted because the name of Christ was glorified over all and the darkness could not stand.

Jo's Ireland 2015 559

Jo's Ireland 2015 562

This was the service that the Bethel Media team came with the big cameras for the documentary to capture worship. So many, I mean so many people were healed that night! Even my own lump in my throat that I’ve had for over a year from the infection disappeared that night I realized at the end of it all! Joelle shared her powerful testimony for the first time about her battle with depression which is something that so many deal with in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Towards the end of our trip we had a few services at Journey Church in Antrim which is where so many of our dear friends are from that helped us on this trip. It was such a privilege to lead worship with Ben at their youth evening, have our team minister at their first ever back to back services and then also at their cafe church. (Where they rent out a coffee shop for the evening and hold a service there)

Jo's Ireland 2015 612

There is John with his arms up high.

Jo's Ireland 2015 598

Joelle with the camera and Josiah getting audio for the documentary while still engaging in worship. Love their hearts!

Jo's Ireland 2015 594

We were packed a bit…

Jo's Ireland 2015 590

We let loose and went around praying for everyone. Words of knowledge were released and people were healed on the spot. So many hungry people from around the area came together with like minded Jesus lovers to get a touch of heaven. There are more and more little spots of the Holy Spirit moving across Ireland and Northern Ireland but it is so encouraging to find a large gathering like this, especially in hard seasons. I prayed for a lot of those people, to refresh their souls, bodies and spirits to continue the work that the Lord is doing.

I feel like I could have cut this in half and turned it in to two more posts because there was so much that happened. I hope you enjoyed some of the highlights. It was such a privilege to serve with this team and to have the opportunity to go serve Ireland/ Northern Ireland. I pray that the testimonies keep coming in, continue going forth touching new hearts and that as much as possible would continue because of your support and prayers. May Christ receive the full reward for His suffering, that all would know Him truly and not a God of war and separation. That people would be set free and transformed. Shalom


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