Good News

Wow this month has been a challenge to stay in rest and believe that God is the one working things out on our behalf. Around here at BSSM it has been deadline days for everyone’s missions trips and ministry trips. There were many emotions that went up and down this past month with my Nana Ruby passing away, all 4 of us being sick with in a weeks time, and trying to keep up with how busy life’s pace has been lately.

The 5th was one of the most emotional days of 2015 and if you are my friend on Facebook you got to read some of those ups and downs. Needless to say by the end of the 5th we had had $1050 come in, in one day! That brought our total down to $1087 out of $5,300! That in itself is amazing! We celebrated but the idea of Ben being the only one of us to go didn’t sit right. A few more donations came in to pay off the rest of my money needed.

Fast forward a week and Ben gets a message from a friend saying that their mom wants to pay off the rest of his trip, how much is left?! So folks we are going to Ireland!! And not only Ireland but Ben got accepted on to a ministry trip to Alabama with his intern Jenn to go to her home town in June, which is already paid for!

Ok I just want to share some more good news. Our friend Hannah was also on the trip with us to Ireland. She poured her own savings in to secure her flight but then didn’t make her next deadline. Our leaders gave her more grace as more funds came in for her, slowly but surly she was down to $106 needed on Tuesday by 10 am, 2 hours later she got it! I am so proud of her for keeping faith and standing in what God told her about being a part of this team.

Another friend Debora was accepted to Ecuador and by the 20th she still needed $1400. The day came and passed. Just yesterday she posted that her trip was fully paid off, and not just her’s but everyone on the team that didn’t reach theirs!!

Here is another! Our dear friend Claire had previously been accepted on a missions trip but then didn’t make the deadlines which was a disappointment.  But then God made a miracle happen over Christmas and her and her husband Luke went to New York and the East coast for their own little ministry trip together. Then just 2 days ago Claire was invited to go on a ministry trip with Paul and Sue Manwaring to South Africa and she had 48 hours to raise $1400, which was even more than her previous missions trip that she had applied for. This was a very strict deadline as any grace periods that were there were now gone. Today she woke up to it being paid! She is going to South Africa and they are going to be so blessed to have her on the trip.

God loves working behind the scenes for those who’s hearts are towards Him. There were many times we had no idea how it was going to happen, but we did our part and He finished what He started. So many people gave, so many came forward with their support and belief in us and because of that we say THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! We are so excited for what God is going to do in Ireland and Northern Ireland in us and His people! God loves His garden surrounded by the sea.

Here is a video that we put together to share our joy with you!


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