It Is Well

I have been thinking over the fact that I have yet to share on the blog what my finished project was from my fall art class. I kept thinking, I need to share it but then something else would come out on the page. Well tonight is the night! And not only do you get to see it through bad iPhone photos but this beauty could be yours! This is the painting that we will be sending to one of our Ireland supporters!  It is a painting and a poem together. Here is a bit about the process that took place.

In class they told us to start thinking about what we would want our final project to be. God showed me a vision of this waterfall that would flow down to a little pool and then continue on in a stream. I sketched it out and it looked great as a sketch, which in itself took me about 3 hours. I couldn’t find a perfect reference picture for the life of me and as I tried to take parts from this picture or that, you could tell in size and shadows etc. This is the farthest I got as I over worked it and threw in the towel after 15+ hours of work.


I then found a reference that I liked, although it wasn’t the exact image I had in my mind. I really wanted to work on my skill as being able to do things more realistic looking. And I had one week to do it. I pushed.




falls final

Finished Painting.

[  It Is Well  ]

As I walk on the path less often chosen, I know you are with me.

Your hand and guidance is something I often see.

Even when I look out and feel the road is gone, I trust you.

When all that is around me feels hard, you bring strength like you always do.

You carve through those rough places leaving behind evidence that you were there.

You have always been inside and yet still everywhere.

Your grace is gentle and yet forcefully strong.

You wash over me with melodies and song.

It penetrates my being, the way you bring me life.

The love that you give, all that You’ve sacrificed.

Sometimes I wonder about my comfort and all my doings.

But in light of eternity those are all but ruins.

You are like a rushing river that does not end.

You bring me peace in the midst of every bend.

Heaven alone is not my goal.

It is only you with in me that can make me say, it is well with my soul.

Tell me more Joanna about how I can get a chance to win this?! Ok I will. For every person that donates to Ben or my trip to Ireland, you’re name will be put in a drawing to win either this painting or a copy of the new Bethel album/ film combination We Will Not Be Shaken! Scroll down to the bottom of the previous post for the links to give! We appreciate it beyond words and need your help!


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