Packing You In Our Suitcase

I finally found my cards yesterday so I could write thank you notes to the people that gave to our previous deadline for our Ireland missions trip. (I can be stubborn that way, I was almost ready to give up and buy more but then God reminded me where they were.)

While writing them out God gave me a vision in my mind of all those beautiful people, the ones who sowed into us, getting packed in to our suitcases with our belongings. It was such a cool picture of what happens in the spirit when you give to something that has eternal significance. Even if we could sit down and share all that takes place afterwards when we get back, it still won’t cover everything. Only in heaven will we see the full picture of what you are putting to flight by helping us go.

The vision also made me all the more curious as to who the anonymous donors were. So those of you who I can’t personally send a note to, know that we are so thankful for you! We had about $1080 come in with in 48 hours!

It has been pretty amazing to see people give that I didn’t even know by name, or old family friends, or even second cousins that we haven’t met in person yet. Makes me think about the great cloud of witnesses up in heaven cheering us on, but you are here. You are our tangible angels, ministers of the Lord strengthening us to do His works, and we are so grateful for everyone of you and the part you play in this.

We wanted to do something fun so for every donation that has been given or future ones for our up coming deadline, you will be entered in to a drawing for one of my original paintings or a copy of Bethel’s newest album/ film We Will Not Be Shaken.! Drawing will be announced after our goal is met, which hopefully will be by February 5th! So at least two people will win something.

Ok enough of the fundraising stuff, what has been going on in our lives. Lots of course and now that we are already 5 paragraphs in to this update I’ll try to keep it light.

Last week Randy Clark came to town to host his school of healing where he teaches on his theology and then sets the students and staff loose to pray for people. The testimonies are still coming in but the night Ben was scheduled for the evening service 108 people were healed just from words of knowledge. (When God tells someone what specifically is an issue that He is healing at that moment) How incredible is Jesus?! Another friend wanted to see someone walk that had previously been paralyzed and to shorten an amazing story, he did! Someone else that came who was in the final stages of Lyme disease after 37 years was completely healed! So many testimonies all the time, they are the bread we eat to sustain us.

Some other high lights was that Ben was asked to lead worship for one of the morning session sets for the conference which was a HUGE honor. We both didn’t really understand that until after it had happened and he had been live streamed. He didn’t know it was going to be streamed until a few moments before the start and he was wearing his Minnesota Gophers shirt. Haha, he got some flack for that from friends.

We also have had the joy of having Ben’s brother Ezra to stay with us for a week. It was sort of a crazy week as the schedule was so different with the conference but we found our moments to have fun and explore. We finally got out to Burney Falls which was fabulous and the pictures that we took would not do it justice. Imagine 100 million gallons of water flowing from a water fall every day! I tried to help Trinity to understand how much that was and she said but California doesn’t have a lot of water. I said you are right. (She’s learned from washing dishes and brushing teeth that we don’t waste water here) Then she pieced it together to say they have all the water up here! She is such a clever girl and very intuitive. Dropped off her application to kindergarten yesterday as well. That was a strange feeling.

Then last night putting her down to bed she said lets say what we want to be when we grow up. She started with wanting to be a king, but said but I’m not a boy. So I said that would mean you are a queen then, she agreed that that would be ok and that mommy should also be a queen. Then she said when I grow up I want to be a mommy too. So I said ok then I will turn in to a grandma. The thought of me turning in to something else made her very upset and sad so she cried. I tried to explain I would still be her mommy and not turn in to anything (like in Shrek when the girl is an ogre by night, I wasn’t sure where she was going with it though) We finally had to just pray and ask Jesus to take any ickies away and asked for God’s peace and angels to come and protect her. I could see the peace wash over her and I said there, all better. Then she started getting the giggles! Hahaha oh my sweet little girl, what a future you have a head of you.

Ruby and I are always busy running everyone here and there and getting things done. I will probably write a more personal blog about my life later on my lifestyle blog.

Praying for all that read this that you would find tremendous peace in the midst of life. To wish for a life with no challenges would be a dull life. But to walk in true peace and knowing that God is always working on your behalf if He calls you son or daughter is really remarkable.

Because people have been asking I updated this post with our links for giving and our current total needed by February 5th.

Joanna’s link. $1310.00

Ben’s link. $1102.78


2 thoughts on “Packing You In Our Suitcase

  1. Always love to read what our Jesus loving daughter writes about this wonderful and exciting walk about with her Daddy God. Love you kiddo!! God bless you and the family lots and lots.

  2. Thanks for the update.
    We always love hearing about anything happening with your family.
    Remember, you are in our thoughts and prayers,
    whether we are washing windows or climbing mountains.

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