Ireland Is In Our Sights

As Ben is in his second year at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) here in California, he is growing and learning SO MUCH as the leadership gives him more responsibility and challenges. The girls and I are growing lots as well as we have chosen to take the path less often chosen and submit fully to what the Lord has for us. I can’t believe there are only 4 ½ months left of this year’s schooling!

Just like in Ben’s first year of school this year also has opportunities to be activated on a missions or ministry trips. Ben and I are so excited that we both have been selected to be a part of BSSM’s trip to Ireland! Even though I am not a student, BSSM really works within relationship. Because of this and the fact that my husband is amazing and asked, I now get to be part of the team!

Ireland has been on my heart since I was 14 and for Ben it has been in his heart a long time as well. His family history can be tracked back and through Ireland so it has always been a country he has wanted to see firsthand.

Europe in all is part of the calling God has for our family’s lives and just another reason we are excited to have this opportunity. At first when I realized that our calling was to Europe I was a bit overwhelmed. It is one thing to go to a nation that has never heard the name of Christ before and introduce them to Jesus because they are hungry for Him. It is another thing to go to a first world nation and minister the gospel to people that may have hardened hearts. Both very needed, but I felt a bit lost as how to do it. How to show people who Jesus is and what His love looks like really well is something I am so excited to experience. I am so grateful that Ben and I get to experience this together as it will set us up to do more of what the Lord has for us.

We will be ministering up and down the Eastern seaboard of Ireland going to the cities of Dublin, Brae, Swords and Belfast. Our heart is to release hope and victory to the churches, schools and local streets. We will be partnering with a broad spectrum of ministries as God moves powerfully in this beautiful country. Not only is this trip going to be amazing for our team and those we interact with but it has the potential to reach the entire world. Our trip and 4 others in the UK are going to be filming a documentary called What Does Love Look Like. I will put a link in at the bottom for a clip from the trip that was filmed last year. Last year was the first time a trip was filmed for the documentary and has now been expanded to 5.  Bethel’s broad reach in to the world has the influence to impact many people’s lives by making this film.

As you can tell we are so excited for this opportunity but we do need help. Our next financial deadline is January 8th as we need to buy our plane tickets. (Our first payment was a deposit for them to be held) So we humbly ask would you please consider partnering with us in this adventure. We need finances, prayers and encouragement, any of which if offered we will gladly accept. All financial gifts are tax deductible. Some of you already have given and we thank you so much for it! We are not asking you again for support, just wanted to send this to you for more information in case we missed something in past communications. You are just as much a part of this as we are! We are all working as one body to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of how the website works Ben and I have separate accounts for giving.

 Ben needs $490 by the 8th ($1870 total left!) Click here to give to Ben’s account

 Joanna needs $500 by the 8th ($1880 total left!) Click here to give to Joanna’s account

The trip dates are March 18th-30th. If you are also wondering what we are doing about our two wonderful daughters, my parents are planning on coming out to take care of them. Prayers and finances for their trip to come here to be with the girls are also needed. So keep Henry and Leslie in your prayers as well please. It will be hard for us to be separate from our girls for so long (and for the first time away from Ruby) but I am very thankful knowing the girls will be in very loving hands.

Thank you for everything you already do for us and the gospel over all. We are blessed to be in this environment, gleaning and growing. Your support means the world to us and today literally is impacting the world! The future is bright when you turn on the light!

 Here is the link to check out a bit of last year’s documentary


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