What Is Ahead

walking tight rope

To get a sense of where we are going, we look to the past.

2013 was a year of stepping out on the water of the unknown, leaving all we knew and had behind as we said yes to the gentle invitation that God was putting before us. Knowing it would not happen on our strength alone, it would be all Him or nothing.

2014 was a year of learning how to walk on the water, may have sank down a little bit a few times but Jesus was always there to bring us back up. It was our first full year of being in a place of fully depending on God for every aspect of our lives. No plan B.

We have been in a wilderness season preparing for our promised land. We have related many times to the Israelites in this journey saying things like it was better for us back in Egypt, what are we doing here?! It has been trying more so than I share with most people, but in it there has been tremendous growth and dying of old mindsets.

Just like the Israelites the wilderness was a place of seeing miraculous provision for survival. They had a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night, the cloud gave them shade and the fire gave them warmth as they walked through the desert. They complained to God that they were hungry and God answered their complaints with manna and quail. Miraculous yes, but it would be tiring to eat the same things every day for 40 years. Again they complained of thirst, and God brought forth water from a stone or by throwing a piece of wood in to a body of water that had been to bitter to drink which then made it drinkable. Miraculous provision, yes. (See book of Exodus)

We have had many times of being at a bank balance of zero, of having bills that we had no way of paying, of getting really creative with what is in the kitchen, and not knowing how we were going to fill up the gas tank. But God has not let us fall, He is our provider. And it looks different each and every time.

Why don’t we go out and find regular jobs like everyone else does? Because God has told us not to, He has told us to keep the faith. We are doing exactly what He wants us to, and fighting to stay in rest. Fighting to praise Him even though we may not want to, we are learning and growing in this wilderness.

Some people call us crazy. But we don’t want to be the same people we were when we left “Egypt”. (And no I’m not comparing MN with captivity, or saying where we were was bad.) We want to be able to walk in to our promised land with renewed minds. Albert Einstein says that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. If we took what our old land had taught us was the way of provision and applied it here, expecting to have a renewed mind with little other change in that area, that would be insanity. That would defeat our goal and it would be disobeying God.

For those of you who have been following along since the beginning, you will remember a prophetic word that was spoken over us at the start of 2013 when we had no idea that all this was in store for us. For those of you new to our journey I will share again.

A part of the word was “Welcome to a walk of faith that makes walking across the Niagara Falls on a tight rope look like a picnic in comparison.” Can you imagine trying to take on such a task? The Niagara Falls that is about 36 miles wide and about 326 feet high. Crossing over that area on a tight rope, amongst raging waters around you and below you. Mist and water spraying in your face forcing you to focus on different senses as you are blinded and making your steps unsure and slippery. The roar of the water plummeting so deafening that you can not hear anything else. This is what God said would look like a picnic in comparison to what we were about to embark on.

Last Sunday I was thinking of that word again, and God showed me a picture of us walking that tight rope. There was a moment of clarity, and sunshine breaking through the mist. A rainbow could be seen in the sky and I saw that we were 3/4 of the way there. This gave me strength to know that an end to this season is in sight and I believe it will be in this new year.

This morning God told me that 2015 would be a year of advancement for our family. That we would be walking in to our promised land renewed and transformed. That we would be able to take what is ours. For the Israelites it took 40 years for the old generation to die off, taking the old slavery mindsets with them. The next generation was able to walk in, see the inhabitants and know that God would give them victory to take what was theres. What will it look like? How do we get there? One step, one day at a time and continue to listen to God’s voice. Staying faithful. He is our strength.

The Lord has been giving us more vision and clarity of what the future has as we take steps forward and we will be revealing more about what is ahead in future posts. This clip is a song that we have been singing a lot recently.


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