His Law is Love


Last Monday I went to Ben’s school to watch him share the stage with someone who is a hero to us. Someone who has shared who she is and the relationship she has with God in her music, that in turn has brought Ben and I to deeper revelations of God. He had the honor of doing back ground vocals for Kristine DiMarco, his worship pastor in second year. It is half the fulfillment of one of his dreams.

With it being the last Monday of school before Christmas break started, worship was mostly Christmas songs. Some people don’t like using Christmas songs as worship songs for different reasons. We have a lot of internationals here and many of them don’t know any of them, or they are very wordy and are mostly telling a story rather than giving praise and adoration. But for me, I love it. Often I find myself too choked up with thoughts that the imagery paints in my mind and from an overwhelmed response to how good Abba is.

Then one of the inters that was co leading with Kristine, Sarah Gamble took the mic. She led O Holy Night, (which is my favorite Christmas song) and it was so powerful. So powerful in fact that the words His law is love and His gospel is peace continue to ring in my soul these many days afterwards.

Christmas time as a child was always magical but since moving in to adulthood there would be years where I would want to feel that again, but it never came. People say we do Christmas for the kids, which is great but there is more. This year, I feel the more. The magic has turned in to Emmanuel, God with us. Anytime I let my mind wonder to the nativity story or God himself, I feel something even better than I did as a child.

I believe it is a mixture of things. This is our first year ever as a family where we can’t visit extended family. This is the first year where we had no way of getting gifts for our family or girls. This is our first year where Christmas day’s forecast is 55 and mostly sunny. So many aspects going on and yet His grace is wrapping us up like a package. He is Emmanuel and His law is love and His gospel is peace.

He feels so close that this is also the first month where wondering how to cover this or that bill isn’t really a worry for me. The furthest I have been yet in my war against poverty mindsets. Why? Because HE IS FAITHFUL! We have more gifts for the girls that came from family this year than we know what to do with and have been letting them open one up each night since Friday. Not only things that we have needed to get them but also things that they desire, sometimes things even better than what they would have dreamed of; That is our God.

May this Christmas be a time where you can find Him as Emmanuel. For His law is love and His gospel is peace. Watch this video and hear the words for this first time again.


One thought on “His Law is Love

  1. It’s so good for my heart and spirit to hear the inner happenings in your heart. Thank you for sharing so well so often. Having the overwhelming sense of God’s Presence this Christmas season is the best! My special Christmas revelation is the amazing miracle of Mary, the conception of Jesus, the complexity of the creating and growing of each new life, especially Jesus, the destiny and potential of each baby and again Jesus and all because of God’s great love for me and every person.!!! The song that hit me like a river is Happy Birthday, Jesus. Look it up on utube.. Love you all, Mom

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